A comprehensive source of information about heart hospitals and heart surgeons in California, provided by the California Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the University of California, Irvine.

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  • CCSIP 2015 Report: CABG, Valve and PCI outcomes updated through 2014, TAVR volumes now included-- CCSIP Website

  • Regional 2013-2014 Cardiac Surgery and PCI volume data (see graphics below) —  

  • CCSIP Registration Information —  CCSIP login page

  • Defining Operative Mortality--presentation at Western Thoracic Surgical Association meeting in June 2015 —  Manuscript draft

Direct links to regional reports on cardiac surgery and interventions in California (hover cursor over hearts).

2013-2014 REGIONAL REPORTS (surgery)
















2011-2012 REGIONAL REPORTS (surgery only)










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