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CASTS Directors:  Junaid Khan, President;  Jeffrey Milliken, Immediate Past President and Treasurer; James MacMillan, Past President; Stephen Rossiter; Andreas Kamlot; Luis Castro; Richard Shemin; Anthony Caffarelli.

Minutes of Board of Directors conference call, July 29, 2013

Attending: Jeffrey Milliken, President; James MacMillan; Junaid Khan; Joseph Carey.

Absent: Richard Shemin, Stephen Rossiter (excused).

Executive Director: The status of the CASTS was discussed in light of the recent resignation of Ed Fonner, Executive Director, due to serious illness. Dr. Milliken expressed the gratitude of the organization to Dr. Fonner for his years of service. He also indicated that in recent years CASTS meetings have been primarily attended by data managers. Officers and Board members have made irregular appearances. Dr Fonner had proposed that non-physician members of the surgical teams, data managers and hospital/healthplan administrators be offered membership in CASTS, and be eligible for offices and board positions. Current board members felt that this change would not be consistent with the original purpose of the society as an organization of thoracic surgeons. It was agreed, however, that CASTS was in need of reorganization, and maintaining the relationship with the data managers is of great importance. Dr. Carey agreed to assume the position of Executive Director while this was in process.

Election of President: The first order of business was to elect a new President. Junaid Khan agreed to accept the position. He proposed a 12-month plan to develop an agenda and achieve physician participation. Meetings would be scheduled in conjunction with other organizations, notably the CAACC in November 2013 and the Western Thoracic in June 2014. Clinical emphasis and social activities at meetings, rather than data reporting, was considered to be of greater value.

Membership and Board of Directors: In addition to the current six board member noted above, other names were suggested. Dr. Khan and Dr. Carey will query these individuals. The bylaws will be reviewed to consider potential changes in membership. In prior years dues have been paid by hospitals and the surgeons representing the hospitals were considered to be members. Dr. Carey has also recommended that members of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) be automatically considered members of CASTS. Dr. Carey explained that the CASTS web site ( was modified in January to reflect this option in its "Member Directory of Active Heart Surgeons" ( There has been little feedback from surgeons about this proposal.

 Joseph S. Carey MD, Interim Executive Director



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