Message from the President of CA STS:


It is truly a privilege to serve you in my new role as the president of the California Society of Thoracic Surgeons. CASTS was brought to life in 1996 through the efforts of several pioneers in cardiothoracic surgery across the state. Several wonderful projects such as the now well-recognized California CABG Outcomes Reporting Program and the California Cardiac Surgery and Intervention Project have demonstrated their worth to consumers and surgeons alike by providing accurate publicly risk-adjusted outcomes. We are indebted to the vision of individuals such as Dr Joe Carey, founder of CASTS, and Dr Junaid Khan, immediate past president of the organization, for creating an alliance with the State in improving outcomes. Twenty-three years later, the organization stands for the same principles that its founders put forth:

  • To optimize quality in the delivery of clinical care
  • To provide a legislative voice for California’s cardiothoracic surgeons
  • To bring together all stakeholders and achieve new heights in innovation, safety, and policy
  • Support initiatives to improve patient literacy and medical decision-making

As we transition to a new era of value-based healthcare delivery, it is of utmost importance, that we, together, champion change and improve the complex care that transcends the traditional boundaries between specialties. Jack Boyd, our vice president, and I are committed to working with each of you in improving our work environment and the manner with which we deliver care in times when disruptive technologies are coming to market at a rapid rate. As an organization, we should continue to serve as stewards of patient care while maintaining our highest of professional standards. I invite you to get involved with CASTS at any level and contribute to organized efforts that go beyond the excellent care you provide to our diverse patients across the state.